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Goodwill-West Texas is certified by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services as a community rehabilitation provider and by Goodwill International. Our mission is to provide opportunities for people with barriers to employment; yet we accomplish this goal while providing first class service. Jobs are provided to people with barriers to employment after short training periods suitable for their needs as well as the community in which they will be working.

Donate to Goodwill Goodwill-West Texas provides, as a portion of services, a commercial grounds keeping sub-division which primarily maintains rights-of-way, large lots and fenced areas which require weed control, mowing of annual grasses, and frequent trash pick-up. Currently, Goodwill services in excess of thirty clientele in this endeavor, on an as-needed and/or regular schedule, depending upon clientele needs and weather restrictions

A group of commercial, janitorial teams provide scheduled, after-hours services to businesses in Abilene, Baird, Breckenridge and Eastland. Also, one-time or infrequent clean-ups can be provided as an on-call service.

If interested in Contract Services or if questions arise, please call the Contract Services Manager at 325-676-7925.