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Goodwill-West Texas
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2200 North 1st St.
Abilene, TX 79603

Phone: (325) 676-7925
Toll Free: (866) 686-7925
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Employee Spotlight

Our employee spotlight features an employee from each store who goes above and beyond to make our stores the best they can be! Learn what brought them to Goodwill-West Texas and how the organization has helped them.


Sherman Moseley, Big Spring

Sherman Moseley has worked at our Big Spring store for 3 years. He applied at Goodwill because he needed a part time job indoors and out of the sun. He loves working for Goodwill because it gives him the opportunity to socialize with customers and builds up his self-esteem. He wants people to support The Goodwill-West Texas mission by donating because it gives jobs to the unemployed and keeps items out of our landfills. He says the best part of the job is when his store makes their sales goal and is rewarded with a pizza party. The most interesting donations he has seen are an antique projector and a talking deer head!




Tasia Olsen, Abilene, North 1st store

Tasia has been with Goodwill-West Texas for more than seven years. She started Work Adjustment Training at the South 14th Street store in Abilene and was hired shortly thereafter. She is now a merchandiser at our North 1st store and is known for her creative displays. In fact, putting together items for a display is what she says she loves most about her job. Her manager, Lisa Cochran, says Tasia is dependable and is always on time and ready to work. She is constantly complimented by customers for her creativity and eye for fashion. Tasia is one of 6 siblings, and she’s also an animal-lover, with two cats named Jasmine and Fuzzy and a dog named Samantha.



Joe Deleon, Sweetwater

Joe Deleon has worked at the Goodwill-West Texas Sweetwater location for 16 years! He says he is grateful that Goodwill gave him a chance and he is happy he can bring home a paycheck. He uses the money he makes to see movies, play video games and talk to his girlfriend on a phone that he was able to buy with his salary. He says he has also made a lot of friends. Joe says Goodwill is great because people can buy inexpensive things that are expensive in other stores. His favorite part of working is the friends he has made, especially Traissa Sanders, who he says was his first real friend and she helped him to stop drinking and smoking.



Mindy Keesee, Brownwood

Mindy has been employed with Goodwill since June 1996. Goodwill is her family. Mindy was studying to be a doctor in college, when she was in a car accident that left her with some disabilities. Mindy does not see herself as disabled! She was originally hired by Goodwill as a production worker and received on the site job training; however her customer services skills were recognized quickly she was noted to be doing “above average”, she was moved to cashier to work in the store in 1998. She has been serving happily as a cashier since!



Brian King, Abilene, Donation Service Unit

Brian King was born in Abilene and lives at Disability Resources. He has worked for Goodwill-West Texas since the beginning, 1983! That’s because Brian’s Father, Ray King is one of the founders of the organization. Working for Goodwill has helped Brian because it gives him a place to go work every day, where he can make money and has friends. He wants people to know that it’s important to donate to Goodwill to help provide jobs for people who might not be able to work anywhere else. When he’s working, he loves to sing Christmas songs, and in his spare time he likes to go out to eat and spend time with his family. He says he loves working for Goodwill because he gets to be around people who care about him.
Our employees receiving their Smiling G Service Award pins 2016!


Smiling G Slideshow from Goodwill-West Texas on Vimeo.